Safer and more secure transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail in the African Atlantic Façade (AAF) region


European Commission DG DEVCO B5 

&  Joint Research Centre (JRC)  

Project Management

  • Administrative, legal and financial aspects

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Management & Coordination

(Expertise France Projet Managers)

  • Aurélie NOEL

    • CBRN Project Manager

    • Coordination & liaison with partner countries & EUDEL

  • Nicolas BARRIOS

    • Project Manager

    • Management, Administrative and Financial

  • Assistants 

Team Leader

  • Dominique BONJOUR (KE1 - TL)

Coordination & technical follow-up 

  • Meetings every 4 months 

  • Participants:

    • Regional secretariat based in Rabat

    • Expertise France representatives

Steering Committees

  • Coordination of activities

  • Coherence between work packages

  • Capitalize on existing works


  • European Commission, country representatives, management team and consortium representatives

Project Management Team (PMT)

  • Sophie KOWAL (KE2)

  • Olivier SALVI (KE3)

  • Bernard FRANOZ (KE4)

  • Alexandre CUSTAUD (KM) 

  • Aurélie NOEL (EF)

  • Nicolas BARRIOS (EF)

  • Daniel SOUPART (Expert)

WP 1 : Work package 1

Sophie KOWAL (KE2)

Enable partner countries to have all the necessary elements to improve the legal framework of TDG

WP 2 : Work package 2

Olivier SALVI (KE3)

Raise awareness among beneficiaries (shippers, consignees) involved in TDG

WP 3 : Work package 3

Olivier SALVI (KE3)

Increase the skill level of professionals (carriers, manipulators) involved in TDG

WP 4 : Work package 4

Bernard FRANOZ (KE4)

Improve response capabilities to a TDG accident

Main contributors

  • EU shorts term experts & Alexandre CUSTAUD (KM)

  • National Focal Points (NFP) - (partner countries)

  • National Contact Points (NCP) - (partner countries)

  • National short term expert - (partner countries)

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